1. Yes I cried because I got tickets


    26 March 2014 by LoveHoundUK


    Today was the day. Up early and nervous. At 9:15 I sat at the computer, the eventim website open and …
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  2. WOW !

    Leave a comment

    22 March 2014 by LoveHoundUK

    kate bush tour

    No it can’t be true. I received a message via Twitter from my brother. When I clicked on the link …
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  3. Loosing weight

    21 January 2014 by LoveHoundUK

    So its been

  4. A piano, the voice of Kate Bush = Heaven

    10 November 2013 by LoveHoundUK


    When Kate Bush sits in front of a piano and sings a song with very little percussion, it really is …
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  5. Back in the UK – 6 months

    27 October 2013 by LoveHoundUK


    Coming home. So many people wouldn’t believe me if I said that it was strange being back in the UK. …
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  6. Letting Go


    6 October 2013 by LoveHoundUK


    Recent events meant that we had to come to terms with the fact we would not be allowed to spread …
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  7. Openshaw, Manchester

    25 September 2013 by LoveHoundUK


    Openshaw in Manchester used to a thriving industrialised part of Manchester. In recent decades however there has been deep decline …
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My musings on 30 plus years of following and listening to Kate Bush. Some of my humble opinions and comments on current affairs. Posts on France, the sale of my coffee shop business and my move back to the UK after 20 years out here. All served with some recipes and food finished off with that perfect cup of tea or coffee.



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