How it all began


I know this is not the first Kate Bush album, I’d of course heard and had Wuthering Heights, as well as a copy of Wow, but it is the one that got to me when I was a little more than 7.

Every Thursday, my Dad would take my Mum shopping (sounds romantic but we only had one car). Me and my brother would go with them. I remember walking into Kwik Save and the record shop was half way round the store. I saw Kate s album and her eyes looking at me. I fixed it. Went in. Picked up the album and said to Dad Can I please have this. It was too expensive. In those days my parents struggled to pay all the bills and ensure we had what we needed.

Every Thursday I would return and I would look at the album and pick it up, study it and want it. It had never happened to me before. My Dad being an avid Elvis fan knew what it meant. Eventually one Thursday as I popped in to see Kate in the record shop, Dad came with me and bought it and so my initial love affair with Kate began.

I am not sure if my Dad ever regretted buying me that album. I am sure hearing Kate blasting out of the stereo every five minutes singing WOW must have got on his nerves, but he never said anything.

This is what Kate’s music is all about for me. It’s quite personal the way her songs and music has touched me. It always brings back vivid memories of when I listened to a song the first time or the feeling that a particular song always conjures up.

I’d really like to hear from people and what your, I wont say favourite, deeply felt song is or album is.