The absent years – the whole story

Over the next few years, my love affair with Kate was pretty much on/off. I was still young, didn’t have my own money and kept up with her watching Top of the Pops.
I was always in front of the telly when she was due to come on. I knew her songs, her dance routines and I absolutely loved (and still do) hearing her talk. Her voice is so soft. I’d read any articles in the newspaper about her, but I hadn’t bought all her albums, I didn’t have lots of things about her.

In 1986, Kate released her compilation album The Whole Story and the video collection was also released. 18 months later and we are in June 1988. GCSE exams are now over and it was time to enjoy the extra long summer holidays.

Julie my best friend from infants school put on The Whole Story for us to watch and listen to one sunny afternoon whilst probably eating something. Frankly to this day I will never know what happened. I was drawn back into Kate’s music but this time it was intense, extremely intense.

Having persuaded Julie to lend me the video, I went home later that day and played it again, watching every movement learning every word and I wanting to hear more and more. In 1988 the internet didnt exist (well not as accessible as it is today) so I set out on a quest to get more music from Kate.

Before I end this particular post, I must thank WHSmith in Chester, they had all the albums I needed – The Kick Inside, Lionheart, Never For Ever, The Dreaming and of course Hounds of Love.

In 1988 I officially became a LoveHound.