Moving to Manchester – Nervous

I suppose people are going to think I’m strange. In just over two months I’ll be leaving France after 22 years. I arrived in Charles de Gaulle airport on 3rd January 1991 at 17:20 and I am planning on crossing the Channel on 4th January 2013 and I’m nervous.

Yes nervous about going to live in a foreign country. Well it’s your own country I hear you say. Yes it is, but I haven’t lived there for 22 years (except for a year in 2006-2007) and things have changed a lot.

There are so many things I have never done in the UK as an adult. I have never bought a house, got a job, done lots of administrative paperwork. I’m not sure how daily life really is.

Sometimes I’m scared that I have put the UK in some kind of Grass is greener on the other side file and when I get there it’s not going to be like that.

I suppose I am also leaving a lot of friends and contacts behind. I don’t have many in the UK.

I’m also very excited about this new beginning.
Has anyone else moved back to their own country after such a long time?
Any tips or suggestions ?