Moments of Pleasure

Kate Bush’s Moment of Pleasure has to be one of my all time favourites.
So much so I have a tattoo on my arm with the words ‘These moments given are a gift from Time‘ translated into Arabic by a very dear friend of mine fron Kuwait.

She thinks its very funny everytime we meet to see her writing on my arm !

Back to 2012 and the Directors Cut version. I like to see the 1993 as an angry just after a loss crying out in pain song.
As Kate sings

Just being alive 
It can really hurt
These moments given are a gift from time
Just let us try to give these moments back 
To those we love 
To those who will survive
Its as if she is telling her friends and family to keep on living despite their loss, despite the pain.

In the 2012 version, I feel this is more gentle, much more remembering fondly those who have disappeared no anger just splendid memories.
Her voice is fantastic, warm and soothing. The note and way she sings New York gives me shivers down the spine every single time.

Whichever version I listen too and no matter how many times. Kate manages to make me cry.
This is one of her songs that really gets me.

Miss You Nana