7 years ago: Kate to release a new album – can it be true ?

One day I received a google alert for Kate Bush.
It was titled something along the lines of “Kate Bush to release new album
My heart began to beat. Was it true or yet another brief encounter with Kate saying I am working on it and it will be here shortly.

No this time. It was it. the real thing. There was even a date : 7th November 2005. I was excited. For a 35 year old man Christmas was coming early and wow this year Father Christmas was being very very generous.

Then the fear set in. Would I like it ? What happens if it no good ? It’s been 12 years. Her voice will have changed, but the excitement of hearing new Kate Buish songs certainly overcame the fear. Everyday I would try and imagine what she would sing about, what the music would be like.

Between this time and the November date, I remember the day that Kate’s new single was to be played on BBC Radio. That day I was on work early. It was due to come on air between 9:30 and 10:30 UK time.That mean 10:30 – 11:30 Paris time. Yes I had already blocked of the hour in my diary and I have politely but firmly informed everyone in my open space NOT to disturb me.

Then the emergency happened. I lost the connection to BBC radio, impossible to get it back with about 3 minutes before Kate was about to be aired. Emergency situations require emergency procedures. I was not going to miss this.

So I picked up the phone, dialled my Dads numbers and said ” Dad, it me.Yes I’m fine. I need your help. Please turn the radio on to BBC Radio 2. Put the phone next to it and let me listen to Kate Bush new single.”
So there I was in the my office with the phone pushed up against my ear and a finger in the other one to blot out any noise.

About four and a half minutes later, when Kate had finished and I was feeling already King of the Mountain and looking so very forward to the album release, my Dad picked up the receiver and said “Wow that was fabulous Babs (my Dads nickname for me), and she was singing about Elvis”. Elvis my Dad’s most preferred singer.