Insurance Payments – Bike Accident

On 1st September which also happens to be my birthday I decided to take a ride out on my motorbike. The first in a while in fact as I had been so busy in the coffee shop that on the only day off I was too tired to ride.

Being cautious, I was riding really cool, keeping distances. Then comes a roundabout. Some bloody idiot just drove right in front of me. He actually slowed down, so his claim I didn t see you just didn’t wash. I reckon he saw me, thought he could do it.

As I saw him making his way on to the roundabout, I didnt want to hit him but didnt have much place to swerve, the only solution was to go down on the side and thankfully, there were no mad car drivers behind me !!

It turned out the guy was a cop. Today I really regret no saying I was hurt. The police would have come and would have taken a breath test, as I am sure now that he had had a couple of drinks. It was 9:30pm

My bike:

Today I called the garage AGAIN to see when the bike would be ready, and I am told they are waiting for the insurance to pay. They sent the request on 23rd October !
This garage is a nightmare. I called TWO weeks again and they said they were waiting for the parts to come.
With less than 6 weeks before the move to the UK, the bike is not sold, it’s not even repaired. It has been 10 weeks.
If only they had told me from the start, I’d have paid the invoice and asked the insurance to reimburse me !! In fact, the direct payment by the insurer is great when it works, but when it doesn’t that’s when the whole horror story begins …. [To be continued]