The joys of moving house

Moving to another country albeit my own is quite a nervewracking experience already.
Add to that the cost of the actual removal it sometimes makes sense to sell the freezer washing machine etc.. and buy a new.Yes great idea.So tha’s what we did. Only we didn’t think everything would sell so damn quickly.
Without the freezer it just means more shopping. In the end quite manageable.

Without the washing machine and dryer it means going back to the launderette or lavomatic as it is called in French.
It means making sure you are back in time for the end of the cycle or someone will have taken your clothes out and put them in a basket because “Sir you just cant go and leave your machine. I need that machine.”

Oh my I had so forgotten the joys of communal washing !

Kate didn’t seem to have this problem when she was singing about Mrs Bartolozzi


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