Kate singing live

One of the many questions interviewers always ask Kate Bush is – Will you tour? and the usual Kate answer Well, I did enjoy touring it’s just that it’s a lot of preparation and I don’t have the time or something along that line.

So when I was talking to a fellow Kate fan earlier I started dreaming as to what would make a great Kate Bush concert.

Now would this be the “I want to share with everyone” or the “I want to be selfish” ?

I think for once I’d go with the selfish.

Kate hires a rather large converted barn somewhere in North Yorkshire or in the Dales. She then invites no more that 25 fans (I’m one of them of course)

After chatting for a while, she asks me to prepare the food for the evening. A large pick and nibble buffet with wonderful cupcakes at the end and of course served with fabulous French wine, finished off with great tea and coffee.

The evening begins with Kate singing a song we have never heard at her piano as guests arrive and then she invites us to start the buffet.

Once everyone has a plate we gather around Kate again as she moves from song to song next to the log fire burning. Her voice is  soothing as we all get warm next to the fire. Every now and then Kate gets up, has a drink of water for her voice and then suddenly says – it’s your turn.

A few very talented people get up to the piano to sing a Kate cover. Very maternally and with her so gentle voice Kate gives a few tips nothing over the top, more like a friend saying I’d just do this….

After dessert and it’s time for tea and coffee, Kate offers another few songs before asking us to nominate 3 of our favourites. So here you are with Kate Bush in front of you with her piano. What three songs do you ask her?

  • Moments of Pleasure
  • Under Ivy
  • Wuthering Heights

There the evening comes to an end as Kate begins to sing her first of the three songs.

Then I realise I am only dreaming.



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      1. I think all of her songs have something special about them and could translate well to live performances. Did you realise Kate was the pioneer of the radio mike they use today?

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