Chocolate Teddy Bears and the four of Us

Before moving to Manchester after 22 years in France, it’s a bit of a “meet-up-with-as-many-people-as-possible” spree. Add to that the pressure of Christmas and this is quickly becoming a very hectic time.

Nevertheless we decided to spend a whole evening with S., his sister and brother in law. Take some quality time together without the kids.

We started early in the evening at Le Chat Perché in Montpellier. A restaurant in the centre of the the town, with excellent food, pleasant service but without the snobiness too often the case in this kind of restaurant.

The food is of excellent quality with generous portions, very well presented. The wines on the menu are generally local, although for our evening we didn’t have wine. The menu is also changed on a regular basis. It’s not a cheap restaurant but most certainly value for money and ideally suited to our evening.

Two important points to mention. They always give a 1L bottle of water  free of charge and when you are leaving they offer a rum digestive, also on the house.

Time to go and we had spent a long time at the restaurant, so long it was now too late to go to the bowling alley at Odysseum for a game.

Originally we had planned to spend the evening at our house, but as times flies and we hadn’t managed to coordinate a date, we aren’t really in a position to host anyone at the moment, unless they fancy sleeping in a box !
Off we set towards Clermont l’Herault. At 11pm, no traffic so the short drive was quick on the motorway.

As soon as we arrived we opened the packet of M&Ms for an extra dessert along with chocolate teddy bears. We also had a beer, not being able to drink so much at the restaurant. Strange combination but it was all part and parcel of an excellent “soirée” made up of chat, gossip and criticism ( of each other might I add ! )

This morning wake up with coffee from Malawi, which had been roasted earlier this week, followed by a Brioche made by S. yesterday afternoon. It was particularly well made and buttery.
Next bacon, sausage and egg in traditional brunch style.

It was a bright, sunny but terribly cold morning. Nevertheless wrapped up and ready we went for a long walk with the dogs: Chutney, Spice and Helsey. After such a breakfast we had to do some exercise.

Back to house and a bite to eat before heading back to Montpellier