Fresh Coffee and Homemade Pancakes

I have to admit the temperatures here in the Montpellier are still warmish for December even if when the wind builds up it can get pretty harsh.

Nevertheless this doesn’t stop us from taking advantage from having the extra time to have a decent breakfast.

Every morning we grind our coffee beans to make a fresh brewed piston/cafetiere coffee.Grinding the coffee fresh means that we get to keep all the aromas in the coffee. Generally I buy the coffee beans the same week going twice a week to the shop if necessary as then I am sure the beans are also freshly roasted. You wouldn’t think so, but it dramatically changes the taste of the coffee. On those rare occasions where we have had to buy coffee in the supermarket you can tell it has been roasted a long time ago.


This morning not only was the coffee fresh but S. decided to make some pancakes. Flour, milk, baking powder, butter some sugar and an egg and about 20 minutes later 3 fluffy pancakes each. Add to that some maple syrup and golden syrup.

Pancakes and Coffee

The perfect start to the day.

PS Yes the Winnie The Pooh mug is mine <blush>


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