Don’t boil the kettle

Being British, everyone assumes that I drink tea and to be honest for a long time I didn’t. Munnar Tea hills

Then after deciding to open a coffee shop, we decided to take some tea lessons and started with a masterclass run by Jane Pettigrew.
An thrilling day, in a relaxed atmosphere set in a fabulous London hotel. At the end of the day we had learnt the different tea processes which make up green, white and black tea and the all important brewing process.

This is what I want to come to.

Never boil the water !

When you are brewing tea, you are trying to extract the flavours without burning them so if you use boiling water you are just going to burn the delicate leaves. Therefore, if you are making a black tea then the temperature can vary from 90c-95c, green teas can vary from 70c-85c. The next important step in brewing the tea is the time the leaves are allowed to brew with the water.
As a general rule black tea is brewed 2-3 minutes, Green tea 3-4 minutes.

To brew tea I use a Tea Infuser similar to this one
Tea InfuserYou pop the tea leaves into the infuser. Add the water at the right temperature and allow to brew for the correct amount of time.
once ready you just pop the infuser on top of the cup, which releases a valve and the tea flows into the cup.
No stewing of the tea.

Now pick up a book, sit back, relax and enjoy a fabulous cup of tea.