Lots of love or XOXO

When I first started learning French nearly 30 years ago – ouch we were taught to use : ‘Je t’embrasse’ or ‘Je vous embrasse’ – Literally meaning I kiss you. This has almost disappeared as the world of SMS, email replaced a lot of letter writing and a short version of ‘Bisous’ meaning kisses in now frequently used.

I suppose the same could be said in English too.
Years ago, we would often sign of with: Lots of love and kisses, or with love and kisses. This too in a shortened SMS/Email version has been replaced with the ‘xx’ meaning kisses. I’ve also seen and I tend to use the ‘xoxo’ = meaning hugs and kisses.

I do write a lot of the time ‘lots of love’ or ‘hugs and kisses’ when I am writing cards or emails and use the XOXO for SMS. Probably because I am taking the time to really write to someone that at the end it feels as if I am really giving someone a hug as I sign off.

What’s your favourite expression for signing off an important letter or email to someone you care for ?
Do you think it is important they way we sign off or is XOXO just as good in 2012 ?

Whatever the answer I’m signing off here with a big hugs to you all and XOXO