The Big Move – Countdown

This week marks the first stage of the Big Move to Manchester.

Most of the boxes are now ready. We still have all those tiny ‘bits & bobs’ hanging around that need going into boxes. Then, there are the plates, cups, and crockery to finally box up. We will be eating out of paper plates from now on. So chic !

Thankfully the weather on this side is nice and sunny, but we’ve ran out of coffee and the shop that we usually go to is closed today, so I am a bit slow starting off.

Next week, I fly up to Manchester with Air France, travelling through that dreaded Charles de Gaulle airport so I can unpack the lorry on the other side as the boxes are going into storage.

I didn’t realise just how much stuff you can accumulate and the amount of boxes we have, and I can tell you I have been very strict on what I keep. I have even thrown out those pair of jeans from many years ago hoping that one day I might be able to wear them again. I looked at them, tried to put them and I had to be honest, even if I lost 15kgs and got back to my weight in 2005, I was NEVER going to be able to get in them again. Who was I trying to kid.

It was a sad moment, but I gave them to the Red Cross so I can rest assured that at least I was sad but I have probably made someone happy.