Meet Chutney & Spice

I think it’s time that Chutney and Spice made an appearance on the blog.


Chutney joined us in November 2007 at 12 weeks old. She is a Pyrenean sheepdog. We call her Princess because she seems a bit posh and will only go for a wee on grass and in the fallen leaves !


This is Spice, who joined us all in June 2008. We didn’t know when we named her Spice that she’d be very Spicey. First one out of the door, always ready to go for a walk but at the same time she loves cuddles.

They are both looking forward to lots of walks in the English countryside. They have already made a trip to the UK which since the Pet Travel Scheme has been developed and recently simplified has made it much easier.

Both chipped, vaccinated against rabies, all they need is trip to the vet between 5days and 1day before the crossing into the UK for tapeworm treatment and then they stay in the car during the Channel Tunnel Crossing.

Hopefully we’ll have a guest post from either Chutney or Spice in the near future !


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