Moving with dogs

Moving is a stressful for anyone but sometimes we don’t think about our animals.

As we fill our boxes and move things around the house, Chutney and Spice curl up under the table in security or stare at us with an expression saying ‘Are we coming too ?’


This afternoon as we packed up chairs. Spice decided she was going to take one of them hostage. It was a no way you’re taking this one situation.

The next two weeks are going to be pretty stressful for us all. I’m leaving on Sunday for 3 days in the UK then a few days at the house with very little stuff. Christmas then New Year and a long car journey to the North of England on 2nd January.

So to help them through the stressful period, plenty of walks at regular times. Lots of cuddles and hopefully we’ll find a house very quickly.

If anyone has any tips on moving with animals I d love to hear from you.


7 thoughts on “Moving with dogs

    1. yep, thanks. They’ve been very worried today as we’re nearly ready for most stuff to go tomorrow.
      Spice did sit very close to the some of the things as we folden them away and wrapped them.

  1. Yes, it is stressful for dogs when we have to move, and yes they do wonder if they are moving with us. My girl Alex, when we were moving from Norfolk, VA to Maryland actually placed herself inside my suv and there was no way to move her so I had to place my things around her:) I felt as if she was saying, “you are not leaving without me”. No worries, my girl goes wherever we go:) Yes, please plenty of walks for them to relief some of the stress they’ll go through:)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for your story. Spice eventually moved from the chair and then proceeded to join Chutney under the table and give that sad dog look.
      It’ll be better once the boxes have gone and they see we are still with them !

      1. Lol. Yes, you are right. They are just wondering if they are going with you. I, and this may sound crazy, talk to Alex when our schedule is about to change. I did not tell her we were moving when we did in 2006 therefore I think that is why she acted that way.

      2. Crazy ? No you’re right! They need you to talk to them. I talk to them all day long anyway LOL.
        Last night with no comfy chairs to watch the TV they were a bit lost as to wear to curl up !

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