A mad Guest Post

We’ll wait to see what LoveHoundUK says when he discovers that we’ve written a Guest Post.

Not that we drink coffee. I mean Spice is already a bit of handful and jumps around all over the place, and well I (Chutney) don’t listen to Kate Bush. I heard her once when I was a puppy and my ears ….. well that’s another story.
Spice and myself have been a bit worried recently. They have been moving boxes from one room to the next, then putting stuff in and taking it out. S. has even been measuring and putting figures in his computer thing.Spice seems to think it’s a holiday like this summer, with lots of green grass (that’s great for a pee) and those big cows. I’m not so sure. They don’t usually take everything with them.
Every now and then we’ll go into the bedroom and try to relax on the bed, but then we get all scared that they are going to leave without us so we both go back. Spice was really annoyed yesterday as they even took away the chairs where we like to sleep. She staged a hostage on one of them, but it didn’t last too long and she backed down.
I really don’t know what to make of it. Something is not quite right as we get little bits of ham and cheese that we didn’t get before. I have told Spice to be careful, but she just says that’s ham I’m not refusing.
 P1020627 IMAG0031
Maybe we’ll find out more tomorrow apparently lots of people are coming so maybe it’s just a party.
Anyway we can’t stay on the computer for ever so, see you folks.