Wandering the streets of Manchester

After deciding to move to Manchester, the next big step was to choose where in the City.
Just how to do that was a complicated journey. Information on the internet is dated. People’s perceptions of the place they live are very often negative and you certainly can not count on the very people you should be able to Estate Agents.

So it was down to groundwork. Reading, studying and spending time walking the streets to see what life really is like. Is the area safe ? Are there shops? Is it clean ?
Yes you can look at the crime stats on internet but they don’t really give  much information.
Everyone will tell you the place to live is Didsbury, but it also has the highest rate of burglary in the whole of Greater Manchester !

One key element is of course the house price and what you can get for your budget, so that did help to limit the search area,.

In the past six weeks we have viewed more than 40 properties.Several were in a terrible state, most were repossessions. Those are very difficult to consider but I’ll write a longer post on repossessions.

Forget the Estate Agents who work for the big regional or national chains. They just book appointments, know little about the property and are out for a quick sell. Finally we managed to final a small local chain, with an Salesperson who took us to visit a couple of houses and decided very quickly on the other properties we needed to visit.
He understood exactly what we were looking for, in the kind of area we were willing to live in at the right terms and conditions.

Last week, we visited a house, made an offer and it was accepted !

Next steps the survey ….


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