North Tea Power – Manchester Coffee Shop Review

If I had the chance to meet up with Kate Bush in Manchester and she said to me “You can choose where we can go for coffee I’d take her to North Tea Power.

Reason Number 1 – The coffee is absolutely fabulous. Whether it is a perfectly matched ratio coffee/milk in the latte or one of their speciality coffees you can be certain you will be drinking coffee made to it’s best.5-P1020739

Reason Number 2 – The staff are warm and friendly. You can also watch them crafting your coffee in front of you. Fresh and professional.Coffee crafting

Reason Number 3 –  The place is great. Big wooden tables for sharing. Free WiFi and great music which I am sure Kate would appreciate.

Maybe the great coffee (or tea if she prefers), the staff and the atmosphere might encourage her to break out in a bit of song for everyone.4-P1020738

North Tea Power is one of the very few coffee shops in the North that have picked up the idea of  doing high quality speciality coffee. It’s certainly la mode in London with places like Flat White, Monmouth Coffee or Artisan Coffee, and is slowly working it’s way up the country.

We should thank North Tea Power for bringing quality coffee to Manchester. We are now allowed to enjoy a latte which actually tastes of coffee with silky smooth milk rather than a milky drink you get in places like Costa, who unfortunately over the past couple of years have had a serious decrease in quality since they are now on every street corner, Tesco and garage forecourt !

Espresso is a great drink although hardly one that you can call convivial. I like to take some time to drink my coffee in the same way I would drink a tea, so when I pop into North Tea Power I either choose a latte which I know is made to perfection or I’ll try the latest coffee on the drip menu. This gives me the opportunity to try some wonderful coffees, from the different continents in the same way you would try wine. Do not confuse this with filtered coffee that has been on a hot plate for hours.Coffee

This is something an americano can not do at all and I only wished more places would do coffee in this way. It hardly takes anytime at all but the slower extraction time brings out some wonderful flavours and aromas.

To fully appreciate North Tea Power you need to take 2 minutes out of your busy schedule and enjoy a simple pleasure in life. You can then open the door and return to the hussle and bussle of the Northern Quarter.

I know that when I am in Manchester City Centre, I will make that detour for North Tea Power.
It really is a quick walk from the Arndale Centre, Deansgate or Piccadilly Gardens, there’s absolutely loads to see on the way.
It’s also a great way of supporting an independent business with hard working people who are willing to make your day just that little bit better.

You can find them at:
36 Tib Street,
Manchester M4

Mon – Fri 8am – 7pm
Sat 10am – 7pm
Sun 11am – 6pm

Let me know what you think


5 thoughts on “North Tea Power – Manchester Coffee Shop Review

  1. Great review! Next time I’m in the city I will pop in for brew. I’m always trying to dodge the bigger coffee shops and support the more local businesses.

      1. Agreed. Saying that, there does seem to be a great deal of locally owned businesses based in Manchester once you left the main Arndale. x

  2. I agree on most points but the majority of the staff in North Tea Power are not ‘warm and friendly’ at all. I think there are two guys in there that I’ve actually seen smile.

    1. I’m glad you like the review.
      I’ve always had a pleasant time and polite service and I am not expecting much more.
      To be honest I’d rather quick and speedy service over a chatty person, but when I chatted to them a couple of months ago they were friendly and even presented themselves by name.

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