Kate meets the Queen

Yesterday Kate Bush was finally recognised in the UK as having contributed to British music.
When it was announced in the New Year that Kate Bush was due to become CBE – Commander of the British Empire I wondered why it had taken so long for her to be honoured.
We have to admit, we live in a strange world where one person who has been making music for over 30 years has only just received a CBE and people who took part in the 2012 Summer Olympics, although an exceptional feat, have already received their honours,

Nevertheless this honour is truly deserved by Kate and although the Queen  should have awarded Kate – Dame Commander or even Dame Cross, allowing our dearest Kate to be addressed to as Dame Kate Bush because if ever there is someone who should be treated like a lady it is Kate.

The picture below shows Kate receiving her honour from Her Majesty the Queen at Windsor Castle yesterday, and then Kate left allowing no other photos to be taken. From the article in the Daily Mail here you can understand why

“Dressed in black palazzo-style trousers with a loose-fitting, gold-trimmed tunic-style top, Bush clearly cut a more portly figure than her lithe teenage self.”

Kate has aged, she is fifty and doesn’t pretend she isn’t but of course the newspapers bring up the fact she is more portly than her lithe teenage self. No wonder she left immediately. This was about her music, her voice not about her figure.

Obviously today appearance is much more important than talent, in many areas.
How sad.