Harvest Moon Coffee – Chester

After my post about the Manchester Coffee Shop – North Tea Power
it’s time to tell you about another little coffee shop gem in the North of England in Chester.

Harvest Moon Espresso Bar situated opposite Chester Library and the Market Hall on Northgate Street.

From the moment you walk up to their shop front and into the shop you know that these guys are just serious about coffee and owning a coffee shop

But what is so good about Harvest Moon Espresso ?

menu board

1. It’s the coffee. It’s all about the coffee.

You have to wait for your coffee, which is always a good sign. Here they don’t make you a cup of coffee. They craft you a cup of coffee – milk temperature, the right espresso, Latte Art. They have  Lattes, Cappuccino, Flat White or if you want to adventure to the Brew Bar several brewed coffees are available.

2. It’s the atmosphere

By offering good quality coffee, Harvest Moon Espresso have attracted the coffee shop customers that give a cool and relaxed atmosphere. It’s the kind of place you want to stay for hours even though you know you shouldn’t because you are busy. You just feel good there.

3. It’s the welcome

You feel at home immediately. There’s no pressure to order with a “Next!” screamed at you as you try and understand a complexe menu because the menu is just simple. It’s coffee, only it’s fantastic coffee.

4. It’s the cake

No I didn’t forget to mention the cakes, but hurry. These little angles are made fresh everyday. They might have already been sold. My oh my. Fabulous coffee and wonderful cake = food heaven. They have all kinds of cakes (they change each day) but no matter which one I have tried, I have NEVER been disappointed.

This is why independant coffee shops are so important. They treat coffee with respect and they treat you as a customer with respect.

So are you in Chester now ?
Don’t wait anymore go to Harvest Moon Coffee on 60 Northgate Street, Chester, CH1 2HT

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