Sourdough September

It’s really strange. Now that the kitchen is fully operational, the shelves are up, bowls and utensils are visible I wanted to start a little project for bread: making my own sourdough starter. Then I saw on twitter it’s sourdough September.

It may seem much more complicated growing a starter which in turn simply replaces the yeast in bread, but the fermentation process releases aroma and flavour difficult to obtain in shop brought yeast.


So here goes to make the starter I had a bag of organic wholemeal flour which should have enough natural bacteria to start the process. If not I will probably revert to another way using Paul Hollywood’s recipe with a few grapes. I’ve added the water and now it’s simply a matter of waiting and refreshing the mixture everyday for the next week.

Apparently there are some bakeries in France who have been using the same sourdough for years !