Openshaw, Manchester

Openshaw in Manchester used to a thriving industrialised part of Manchester. In recent decades however there has been deep decline in the industries present and the population reduced dramatically in the area.

This lead to houses being left to go rotten and a general decline in the area.

Things are however changing. After the Commonwealth Games in 2002 left the stadium, which is now home to Manchester City Football Club and named after the airline Etihad, the area in East Manchester is undergoing extensive regeneration. Re-building communities and creating a real desire to live in the area again.

New shops and a health centre have already opened.
Streets have been revamped, park areas created and in 2014 the Football Academy for MCFC will open opposite the stadium along with a sixth form college.

New and exciting things are happening in Openshaw and through community projects we can change the reputation of the area.

Openshaw is an ideal location for young professionals or small families who want to be in/near the city but in a small house at an affordable price. Terraced houses are not all drab and dreary and you can do some small but very spectacular changes making them open plan and bright. Direct links to the city with the Droylesden line tram, or frequent 10 minute buses on Ashton Old Road or Ashton New Road

So here’s my small contribution with some photos on a sunny Monday afternoon.

How about taking a trip and looking for yourselves.
Anyone else in Openshaw please feel free to leave comments

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