No it can’t be true. I received a message via Twitter from my brother. When I clicked on the link it said :

Kate Bush announces 15 tour dates.

Quickly I typed into google Kate Bush concert. Up popped loads and loads and loads of websites confirming that Kate is planning to tour.

Excitement at first, tears in my eyes and then fear. A dreaded fear. Then anger. People are going to buy and sell these tickets and they don’t even like her !

It was time to go into work.

kate bush tour

Nearly lunchtime and an sms. Have you heard the news Kate Bush in planning to tour?  then an email from a friend and on twitter I got messages.

Thank you everyone for your messages.

Then at 16:13 the best email I have ever received in my whole life.

“We are contacting you as you are eligible to participate in the fan pre-sale for the “Before the Dawn” concerts in August and September”

The email contains instructions on how to connect on Wednesday, with a code and the right to buy 4 tickets. 4 different concerts ? 4 tickets same date ? My choice. You even need ID to to go with the tickets as they will be named tickets. Good idea Kate.

Now I have always had a little emergency Kate Bush concert fund and strangely enough I was talking about this just a couple of weeks ago. I would pay the price that was necessary to see her.

I am excited and again nervous. Initially tickets were to go on general public sale on Friday 28th March and  I have already booked the day off. I must book Wednesday morning off too now.

This is like a dream. I have to keep checking the internet to see if it is true.

Now I have a special request to all your nice readers. Please do not connect to the internet at 0930 GMT on Wednesday 26th March. We need as much internet bandwidth available as possible!

Many thanks