Yes I cried because I got tickets

Today was the day. Up early and nervous.

At 9:15 I sat at the computer, the eventim website open and ready. I tested the F5 button, check it reloads.

I got my small notebook and set it to a website showing the correct time. 09:20:15, 16, 17

I was ready.

At 09:30:00 F5 and the tickets available appeared. It was stressful, but I kept so calm, even when the visa card failed. I just keep at it. Knowing my objective was tickets to see Kate.

Eventually it happened, the final screen with the message : Tell your friends you are going to see Kate Bush. I screamed and I cried. All that build up of emotion. Yes I cried.

It has been the one day, where I have felt so much happiness and sadness in the same instant.

A heartbreaking feeling that one person will not see how happy I am to have tickets to see Kate Bush.
The one person who put a phone next to a radio so I could hear a new Kate Bush song.
The one person who understood how excited I could get when a new album came out.

My Dad.

This one is for you Dad x


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