It’s in the trees, it’s coming …..

Today’s the day

The day I never thought would ever happen IS happening.
A Sky of Honey kind of day with birds singing the garden.

What kind of language is this?
I can’t hear a word you’re saying
Tell me what are you singing
In the sun

All of the birds are laughing
Come on let’s all join in

In the next couple of hours, I’m off to London to see Kate Bush in concert.
Yes that’s right Kate Bush in concert and I am soooo excited.

Time seems to be going so slowly and I bet as soon as the show starts it will speed up.

Tempting as it has been I still haven’t looked a the list of songs that will be sung or any pictures that may have been published from the concert.

If the songs include And Dream of Sheep, Waking the Witch, Nocturn, Aerial it’s going to brilliant but to be honest I am not really bothered what she sings I just want to see and hear her.

This has been 35 years in the waiting.